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Lucky Knight - Alpha Testers Wanted

Posted by blit-blat - May 10th, 2023

Hey everyone! 

I've knocked together a little prototype called LUCKY KNIGHT and would love some feedback.

The premise of the game is that you're not the smartest or strongest knight around, but the luckiest! Almost every action you take boils down to luck.

But, rather than being solely in the hands of RNGesus, the randomness is decided by you - the random seed for the game is based on the name you give your Lucky Knight!

Demo link: https://blit-blat-games.itch.io/lucky-knight

Demo password: BlitKnight

Controls: Arrow Keys / Spacebar

So far, this is a very rough prototype, the UI needs a bit of polish and there needs to be more than one level, but the base mechanic is all there. Any and all feedback is welcome, but ideally I'm looking for feedback around the core mechanic; is it fun to play? Should the player be luckier? Is the level too long, etc?

Thanks in advance!







Interesting game! I don't have too much to comment on, other than improving the readability of the enemies. As in, making it obvious if the enemy is rolling for their turn, what they rolled (though I do realize that if they miss or not tells what they rolled), IF they rolled, etc.

Adding audio is a given, but don't skimp out on it! You have a golden opportunity to add some great and satisfying sound effects when the player (or enemy) spins their wheel.

Aside from the audio, I think the level length was fine, though try to not have the game overstay its welcome. The player luckiness wasn't too large an issue for me, though I did have a moment where I got a back to back to back missing streak, so maybe a system to prevent getting more than three misses or something like that (or maybe just make it some sort of option, an easy mode even). On the opposite end, maybe add a combo-bonus type thing for getting consecutive hits? Certainly would need more thought though.

In terms of the game being fun to play, I see potential here. I fully understand that this is just a prototype, so its perfectly fair for it to be a bit rough around the edges. More visual and audio feedback would definitely enhance the experience, and explaining how the stats work would be good too. Maybe consider adding equipment/accessories to provide even more replayability. I see you're using Godot, so if you haven't already tried, I'd recommend you look into trying out a WorldEnvironment node, as that's an easy way to add some visual flare to any project, be it 2D or 3D.

All in all, my TL:DR of my ramblings is that you should keep working at it. Give it some nice audio, some visual flare (definitely don't shy away from using particles), add some more variety to the gameplay, and you've got something gold on your hands, though I will say that this is all coming from an amateur game dev. Hope this helps!

Yeah, audio, particle effects are very much on the to do list. So I already thought about accessories and dismissed it - I wanted it to be more about the stats than gear. That said, a feature I am planning on adding is “sidekicks”. After certain levels you’ll be able to rescue an NPC who will offer you services; the merchant will sell you potions, the wizard will boost your stats for a level (for a fee), the bard will lower the stats of your enemies, etc.

And a multiplier for consecutive hits? Now we’re talking, that’s a cracking idea!

And I’ve done longs in Godot but never come across the WorldEnvironment node, I’ll be sure to check it out! I feel like there’s lots of nodes in Godot as I tend to just make do with the basic nodes!

Thanks for the feedback, this is really useful!


It froze after I hit lv3, beating the first of like 3 enemies in a row after selecting the "up" path. There are a ton of JS errors throughout, but it looks like normal stuff and not something to freeze up the game?

I agree with the long comment below about the gameplay.

Interesting - the game isn’t written in JS and I’ve never really looked too deeply into the kind of JS Godot produced. Will investigate, stay tuned.

@MSGhero - so I looked into and most of the errors were because I hadn't cleaned up some signals, this should be fixed now. The game stopping error was because I wasn't reactivating certain buttons, this should also be fixed now. Thanks for the heads up!

I am obviously a little late to the party but I got to say it's got lots of potential! This is obviously not the final product but variety is needed (Can be seen a little with the up or down section). With a variety of levels, enemies, and a nice soundtrack, I bet this will be a great game!

Never too late for feedback! Thanks!