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blit-blat's News

Posted by blit-blat - 9 days ago

I've been hard at work this week working on The Gauntlet, a run 'n' jump game set in a dystopian future where corporations have replaced governments and crimes are solely punished by fines. Those who can't pay are forced to face The Gauntlet for other's amusement. The first 3 runners are listed below, along with their despicable crimes.

Who are you most looking forward to seeing take on The Gauntlet?





Posted by blit-blat - 1 month ago

It's been a bumper start to the new year, with 2 new game releases in January:

I'm particularly pleased to have finally released Death To The Humans, it's a game I first had the idea for in 2015!


I had toyed with it on off over the years but never really got anyway with it and it ended up taking a back seat to other ideas I had. However, when I realised that my current idea - The Gauntlet - wasn't going to be ready in time for Pixel Day I decided to finally build DTTH. I started on January 15th, so the game was built in about 8 days - and 9 years, if you go by the NG creation date!

With Pixel Day now firmly behind us, it's full steam ahead on The Gauntlet! A dystopian run 'n' jump game were criminals try to win their freedom in a deadly reality show. Below is the biography of one contestant/outlaw: Dozer.


I am also on the lookout for a Voice Actor to work on The Gauntlet. I'm looking for a female voice with a slight American accent and a slight robotic feel to it. If this sounds like you, or someone you know, please contact me with a demo reel and compensation requirements. Thanks!

EDIT: I've found someone to provide the voice I needed, thanks to everyone who got in contact!



Posted by blit-blat - January 5th, 2024

Happy New Year, everyone!

Some exciting news today, as I mentioned in my 2023 recap I've decided to remove ads from all my mobile games! So there's never been a better time to download! All my mobile games are available on both Google Play and the App Store!

"But Blit Blat, without ads how do you make any money?"


"Then why remove ads?"

A very good question! Well, there are several reasons; the ads never made me much money in the first place, there's constantly new laws and regulations around ads being brought in and, as a player I've never much liked games with ads in either, so it's a bit hard to justify inflicting something on my players I don't like myself!

I've also always been very conscious of mine and other's privacy, so none of the ads I did display were targeted (which probably contributed to the lack of money!) which is also why none of my games or website feature any sort of cookies or analytics tracking whatsoever! Removing ads completely will only help further protect people's privacy, something I'm all for!

In other news, it's become clear the game I wanted to release for Pixel Day '24, The Gauntlet (as first mentioned here) won't be done in time. So instead I've decided to revive an old game I've been toying with on and off for years, called Death To The Humans!


You play as an invading alien fleet trying to kill all 8 billion (that's 8,000,000,000!!) humans on Earth. But this is no ordinary idle clicker - expect the humans to fight back! I've wanted to make this game for ages and giving myself a hard deadline of January 23rd will hopefully be motivating! Can I finish it by then? Here's hoping!



Posted by blit-blat - December 14th, 2023

It’s been quite the year here at Blit Blat Games and we’re not done yet! Today marks the release of our Christmas game: XMAS DASH! 

If you’ve not played it be sure to check it out:

This is the fourth game we’ve released this year, here are some stats that stood out. 

Games released: 4

Games front-paged: 2

Awards won: 2

Total plays: 25,452 (and counting!) 

Favourites: 247 (and counting!)

Pixel Mania! was actually front-paged 17 days after it’s release! A testament to all the great content released on Pixel Day

Pixel Mania! is actually the game I’m most proud of and if you’ve not played it what are you waiting for?

I actually decided to enter Pixel Day in early January, so Pixel Mania! was conceived & developed in the space of about 3 weeks. I had to cut a lot of content to hit the January 23rd deadline. Proto-World was originally going to be a lot larger, with each coloured section being its own separate world. The NPCs were also going to have more dialog, instead of just floating icons above their heads. 

Cuts aside, I learned a lot during the development of it and am really pleased with how it turned out. Seeing people play it and discover the “real” game by themselves was really satisfying! So a huge thanks to every one who played and found all the secrets! And an even bigger thanks to those who did so not just after the medals!

This also seem like a good time to thank all the talented musicians on NG, who provided the soundtrack to our games this year! Without them our games just wouldn't be as good! So huge thanks to @Aphyllix, @Chipsalot, @PotatoWyvern, @tiyumusic, @tripledigit, @WaxTerK, @Yahtzei@Haesoo, @themaskedmonocle and @KarlYeah23! You guys rock!

Our other game that was front-paged was Pixel Dash 2:

Or Pixel Dash 2 - Web Edition, to give it's proper name. The version on NG features 40 levels, but the version released on iOS and Android has 80 levels! However, despite having over 12,000 plays on NG, it only translated to a handful of downloads on mobile. Is the $0.99 price tag too steep? Is it not engaging enough beyond those 40 levels to keep playing? If you played Pixel Dash 2 and didn't download the mobile version I'd love to hear why - especially if you're one of the 98 people who added it to your favourites!

The final game we released this year was Knight Escape:

Whilst the reception on NG was modest (to put it nicely!) this game fared better on iOS and Android racking up over 5,000 downloads! However, again this did not translate well in terms of ad impressions or in-app purchases. Balancing issues or lack of engagement (or both) could be to blame here!

The varying (lack of) success of these games has caused a slight re-think in our mobile strategy. Starting early next year will be removing all the ads from our mobile games. Stay tuned for more updates around that!

We're also got some more exciting games planned for next year, Atomic: Redux and The Gauntlet should both be launching early next year, with the latter hopefully arriving in time for Pixel Day 2024! Expect more news around both of them in the coming weeks. Our next big project after that is Pixel Mania! 2: Return To Proto-World. This should be a much more complete, longer and engaging metroidvania style-game expanding on the story of the original Pixel Mania! As well as restoring some of the cut content, there's lots of new ideas we want to bring too. It's still in early proto-typing but we're very excited already!

Overall, 2023 has been a great year for Blit Blat Games, full of triumphs, defeats and learnings. We hope you'll join us for more fun in 2024!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you all!



Posted by blit-blat - August 29th, 2023

Hey everyone!

Awhile back I post about a game I was working on called Lucky Knight, and how I was looking for some alpha testers.

However, after reviewing their feedback and bit more play testing myself, I've decided to shelve the the project, for now at least. Try as I might, I just couldn't get the mechanic to be as fun as I wanted. The luck based nature of the game was kind of cool at first, but soon became tedious, and I couldn't see a way out with adding a skill element, which flies in the face of a game being centred solely around luck!

If you're interested you can still play the prototype over on itch.io:

Demo link: https://blit-blat-games.itch.io/lucky-knight

Demo password: BlitKnight

I might revisit the game later, but for now it's R.I.P. Lucky Knight. We hardly knew ye.


In a way, I'm actually glad to have reached this decision, though. I was struggling for quite a while to make this game work. The demo above is actually the third iteration of this mechanic and I was starting to get bogged down in this at the expense of other projects. Atomic: REDUX is nearly completion and I've also started work on a new game, called THE GAUNTLET.

THE GAUNTLET is a runner game, set 300 years in the future, where people are no longer sent to prison for their crimes. Instead, they have to try and escape a maze of hazardous traps on a reality TV show known as The Gauntlet, until their debt to society is repaid.

Below are the 3 inmates facing The Gauntlet, what do you think their crimes are?




Posted by blit-blat - June 12th, 2023

Waaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2015 we released a game called Atomic:

At the time I was pretty pleased with it and it won Daily 4th! It still remains one of my most played games on Newgrounds. However, as happy as I was with it at the time, I can't help but now realise that graphics-wise it looks like ass! :(

That's why we've given the graphics a complete overhaul. You can see the new logo in our teaser trailer here:

As well as a complete design refresh we've also added two new gameplay modes: BOUNCE and PHASE. Any ideas what they're like? ;)

Atomic: Redux will be launching soon on web, iOS, Android & Desktop. In the meantime, I'm off to play test a bit more - every time I fail a level Captain Orbits here looks so devastated and I just can't let that little fella down!



Posted by blit-blat - May 10th, 2023

Hey everyone! 

I've knocked together a little prototype called LUCKY KNIGHT and would love some feedback.

The premise of the game is that you're not the smartest or strongest knight around, but the luckiest! Almost every action you take boils down to luck.

But, rather than being solely in the hands of RNGesus, the randomness is decided by you - the random seed for the game is based on the name you give your Lucky Knight!

Demo link: https://blit-blat-games.itch.io/lucky-knight

Demo password: BlitKnight

Controls: Arrow Keys / Spacebar

So far, this is a very rough prototype, the UI needs a bit of polish and there needs to be more than one level, but the base mechanic is all there. Any and all feedback is welcome, but ideally I'm looking for feedback around the core mechanic; is it fun to play? Should the player be luckier? Is the level too long, etc?

Thanks in advance!






Posted by blit-blat - April 14th, 2023


It features over 40 levels across 5 game modes! Everyone who wanted more from the original PIXEL DASH should not be disappointed!

There's also an extended version out now on mobile!

iOS > https://apple.co/3MOuxA5

Android > https://bit.ly/43vbgtg

The mobile version has over 80 (eighty!) levels! And is only $0.99 That's less than a dollar!

Still too expensive? You want it for free? That's cool! Comment below saying "Nice shootin', Tex!" by 21st April for a chance to win a free copy.

Want to double your chance of winning? Follow me on Twitter (that's still a thing, right?) and re-tweet this tweet before 21st April for a chance to win!

And as a big thank you to everyone who liked the original Pixel Dash, I'm giving away a free copy of the mobile version to everyone who favourited it before Pixel Dash 2 was released. If you're on this list DM and let know if you want it on iOS or Android!









































































Posted by blit-blat - January 23rd, 2023


WARNING: spoilers below!


Hint #1: Read the game description and look at the letters in bold

Solution: The letters spell out "AVOID THE EXIT"

Complete solution:

After collecting all the coins in a level, DON'T head for the exit. Eventually a drone will spawn and try to attack you. Line up the drones attack with the stone blocks - two hits will destroy them. Head down the gap to enter Proto-World


Alternative method:

At any point in the stage you can repeatedly jump on the stone blocks to damage them. Eventually they will break.




World 2-2, drop down this pipe


World 4-3, re-enter Pixel Mania! from Proto-World


Take the high road and double back when being chased by the Code Monster


In Proto-World, jump up the hidden blocks either side of this huge tree


In Proto-World, follow this hidden path...


jumping over hidden obstacles as you go. Follow the path up, round and drop down to the Golden Pixel.


In Proto-World, the top right corner, drop down and hit these invisible blocks from below. Then make your way back round and collect the Golden Pixel.


In Proto-World, several NPC (the pink guys) will have food items appear above them when you approach. Find that item and return them with it to complete the quest. All food items are hidden in Proto-World


The Code Monster has 3 attack modes; a straight line (SL), aimed (A) and random (R). It always starts with SL before going to either A or R and then back to SL, and so on.

During SL there should be one or two gaps to fit through. The code blocks fired at you block your bullets and don't harm the Code Monster, so staying in the middle of gaps for as long as possible is key. To that end you want to fly as far left as you can to give your self more reaction time.

For A you want to go to the very top of the screen and then after a moment to the very bottom and then back up. This should give you enough time and space to avoid everything. Again flying as far to the left as possible should give you more thinking time.

For R try and stay in the middle and move round in circles avoiding stuff. If possible avoid the edges as this is likely to lead to you being blocked in. As the projectiles are aimed randomly you experience my vary! Good luck!


Play the game normally, until level 4-3.

Collect all the coins and then enter Proto-World

In Proto-World, collect all 11 Gems, complete all 4 fetch quests, and the Golden Pixels

Re-enter Pixel Mania! via the pipe and collect the last Golden Pixel.

Return to Proto-World, purchase the spaceship and destroy the Code Monster.

N.B. The above must be done WITHOUT using any continues.


Posted by blit-blat - December 12th, 2022

As of of today Pixel Dash 2 is officially out of pre-production!

But what does that mean exactly? Well it means that the initial brief is written, the concept thought through and I know exactly (more or less!) what I'm going to build and how I'm going to build it. The original Pixel Dash was built using Phaser, however this time I'm going to be using Godot as it offers better tools for exporting to mobile.

The first thing to do is is do some rough design mock-ups which I can use to build the initial prototype. As you can see from the sketch below there's going to be over 80 levels spread across 5 game modes! Exciting, right?


Once the demo is built, it'll then be time to refine the artwork, test it and finally release it! So while I'm busy doing all that you'll just have to make do with original Pixel Dash:

Or if you're completely bored of that why not give COLLECT! AVOID! a go?

No one's managed to beat my high score yet though, maybe I should give out a prize if someone does?